“Business by Personal Invitation"

Our business is built on one simple premise:

In the business world, it’s important to truly ENGAGE with people on a personal level. A phone call can do more than all the email, texts, tweets, online ads, and other ways of communicating. Our calls focus on Living Business Development, not telemarketing.

Therefore, Our Purpose is built on the value of Business Relationships and Business Connections as channels of opportunity, relevance, service, sustainability and success for our clients and their customers.

Consider customer retention rates for your business. Personal telephone calls will help earn customers and produce “customer advocates” for life (and be the “secret to your success”).

Consider the “Lifetime Value of your clients. “The longer a business keeps a customer, the more profitable the customer is for the business” (Vavra, T. G., 2019, The Advantages of Aftermarketing. American Salesman, 64(2), 19–25).

What We Do

We make personal telephone calls to our clients’ existing customers or previously contacted prospects. We invite your prospects to experience your business services and become customers. We invite your customers to re-experience your business services. We represent your company professionally through personalized, customized and exclusive executive telephone outreach services. Our calls focus on your Business Sustainability with your customer’s Happiness, Support, Loyalty and Relevant Needs in mind.

Why We Believe in Personal Phone Calls for Business.

Our goal is to make your customers, clients and colleagues feel they are truly valued as people. We believe that warm, friendly, “non-pushy” professional calls will be welcomed by those receiving them and create a good and lasting impression for your business. Your business plan should earn customers for the life. So safeguard your customer’s Loyalty, Reassurance and Retention through a telephone outreach program.

What Makes Our Services Different?

Our telephone outreach services give your business the competitive advantage by promoting Service, Support and Significance.

Experts suggest that regular personal connections with evoke a sense of:

  • Purpose: Your business openly shares and promotes their values and purpose.
  • Pride: Your customers feel proud and inspired to use your company’s products and services.
  • Partnership: Your customers feel the company relates and works well with them.
  • Protection: Your customers feel confidant and empowered doing business with you.
  • Personalization: Assurance that the customer’s needs are relevant and an ongoing priority.

Reference: Zealley, J., Wollan, R., & Bellin, J. (2018). Marketers Need to Stop Focusing on Loyalty and Start Thinking About Relevance. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–7.

“I’m glad you called!”

How does a customer feel when they get a call?

After they buy, a follow-up calls says “Thank You for your business!”, “Are you satisfied?”, “How else can we serve you?” or “Is there anything we could or should do to make your experience with us better?”

How does a prospect feel when they get a follow up or “re-connecting" call?

Personal. When they are treated with sincerity, respect and told that the only thing the caller wants is to find ways to help them by “getting an important job done” for their business, they feel positive and their needs are relevant.

Ultimately, we can tell you that one of the most frequent things the folks we call tend to say is:

"I'm Glad You Called!"

It’s a busy, distracting world we live in, and many people say other things as well

Basic kindness and business etiquette are usually appreciated, and those are the qualities we put into our work.

Schedule an Appointment with Adele to Discuss Your Ideas

Our Commitment:

  • Ultimate RESPECT for your business, your clients and staff.
  • We PARTNER with our clients on each project.
  • We believe that relationships with our clients is a GIFT.
  • We SERVE with honesty, dignity and in good faith.
  • We perform our services to the BEST of our ability and work within the scope of realistic expectations. We work for our client’s SUCCESS and represent your business exclusively on the phone.


Treating Customers Generously and Respectfully is in Our DNA

Business is in our DNA - ASB Services Columbus OH

We have included some articles about the first generation businesspeople in Adele’s family. As with almost everyone’s family, they were immigrants who came to America from Lebanon to build a better life for themselves and their families. Adele’s grandparents, Najem & Anna Knieser were no different. Najem became a generous, successful and well respected business leader in the community. His hallmark was finding ways to help people personally and professionally through his retail business. Najem & Anna passed these honorable qualities on to their children, and grandchildren.

Why did they succeed so well? Simply put, they dealt honestly and fairly with everyone and they respected and valued their business relationships.

You can read about her family’s storied customer service skills, and the stature they had in their community because of their hard work, honesty, respectful attitude, faith and business performance.

Read More About The Kniesers

We Continue That Family Tradition

Our Mission is to personally connect our clients with THEIR customers/clients and prospects. We do that through custom designed, personalized calls – NOT telemarketing “peddling,” but earnest and sincere contact to let them know that we actually care about them.

Our Goal is to help you grow your business and your relationships one call at a time. Each phone call is designed to be a “personal invitation” for the recipient to experience the quality of your business services.

Our Core Values might be called “corny” or old-fashioned, but our primary belief is in the Golden Rule – we treat YOUR clients as we treat you – with business courtesy and concierge-level etiquette.

We will ALWAYS do our best to represent YOU in the most professional manner possible at all times. We work WITH you to meet hard and fast but reasonable objectives.



Adele S. (Knieser) Busch, Owner

Adele S. Busch portrait

Adele S. Busch, President/CEO

Adele spent nearly 25 years in administrative and client services for various healthcare settings. She was responsible for collaborative efforts with patients, vendors, attorneys, insurance companies, and physicians, always in a highly professional, and friendly manner, especially on the telephone. Her work was recognized as meeting the highest standards. Her employers were always well represented by Adele, in and outside of the workplace.

Board Certified in Health Information Management by the American Health Information Management Association, Adele’s education, professional experience and training are exemplified in all her efforts. Adele recognizes and respects the integrity and confidentiality of business information. She is also proficient in researching information for business, academics, and healthcare.

Adele is also a lifelong learner. She earned a Magna Cum Laude Associate’s Degree from Columbus State Community College in 1996 and achieved a life-long goal of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business 2016 from Indiana Wesleyan University College of Adult and Professional Studies. She is a Life Member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honors Society.

Perseverance and striving to gain more knowledge are also in her DNA. Adele is an avid reader of business history, biographies of noteworthy people, historical documentaries and Biblical history. Adele is also an enthusiastic Adult Education Advocate. She moderates the Adult Higher Education Group on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7033795). Adele is an EWI ASIST Scholarship Committee volunteer, a member of Columbus State Community College, Indiana Wesleyan University Alumni Associations, and a volunteer mentor to adult students.

Adele and her husband Roger have been married since 1982 and are the parents of 25-year old twin daughters. Roger and Adele Busch are active in their church community on a local and national level serving as a Lectors, Delegates to the National Apostolate of Maronites and Parish Advisory Council members. For fun, Adele’s enjoys business networking groups, time with family, scholarly reading and research, and working out at the gym. She is also slowly but surely learning to read, write and speak conversational Lebanese Arabic, the language of her family’s heritage.

Signature Services

Business Development Appointment Calls

  • Connect with decision makers
  • Recognize new opportunities
  • Identify New Customers

Customer Follow-up Calls

  • Reconnect with established customers.
  • Continuity of customer care.
  • Opportunity for additional business.

Prospecting and Business Research

  • Gain important information.
  • Impress by showing you study and follow their business closely.
  • Keeps the sales pipeline full of qualified leads.

Reservation Confirmation

  • Conference and seminar attendance.

Business Research

  • Gain important information.
  • Impress recipients by showing you study your business closely.

How does a Customer feel when they get a call?

Reassurance. Pride. Partnership. After they “buy”, a follow-up calls says “Thank You for your business!”, “Are you satisfied?”, “How else can we support and serve you?” or “Do you have any questions?” Is there anything we could or should do to make your experience with us better?”

Telephone Tips That SELL!

Get the e-book: Telephone Tips that SELL! 501 How to ideas and affirmations to help you get more business by phone! Written by Art Sobczak. Learn more about Art at www.businessbyphone.com

Strategic Partnerships

“Think Local, Act Global” (Verne Harnish, 2013)

Because of our relationships with various companies our potential is unlimited. We can reach anyone, anywhere from our headquarters in Hilliard, Ohio to cover many of our client’s needs. We can deliver for you through reliable, scalable telephone strategies- for ANY SIZE PROJECT – using customizable systems that generate high rates of responsiveness and lead generation.

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